Expert Witness

In my capacity as your expert witness, I will act independently to provide an objective and unbiased opinion in matters relating to my expertise and shall accord with the standards of skill, care and diligence normally practised by a professional.

I will notify you immediately and confirm in writing if I become aware of any conflict of interest.

I am fully familiar with producing court compliant reports, attending meetings with legal teams, onsite and offsite reconstructions and appearing to give evidence.

I am aware of the requirements of Part 35 and Practice Direction 35, and the Guidance for the Instruction of Experts in Civil and Criminal matters.

I shall meet all the requirements which have been made known to me and shall comply with your policies and procedures which are applicable, along with any other requirements which are deemed reasonable.

All papers, reports, memos, productions, emails. videos, DVDs, etc. made, used or held will be treated as strictly confidential.

Expert Advisor

This is an under used process which can have great advantages at an early stage in appropriate cases. I find that the earlier I am engaged, the better my input and your outcome.

I will consider acting as your expert advisor in any case that I consider is suitable to my skill sets and where I feel that I can deliver a high quality of expert advice on the issues you refer to me.

Acting as your expert advisor, or as some like to put it, your ‘devil’s advocate’ as I am not reluctant to straight talking or asking tough questions. I will consider the merits of your case against best industry practice and guidance and give you a true assessment.

Due to a conflict of interest, once engaged as an expert advisor, I will take no further part in the proceedings. However, I am able to work with your expert witness in the background of the ongoing case.

The assessment is confidential, without prejudice and is not binding.

Expert Determination

Expert Determination is one of the many forms of dispute resolution and is ideally suited to cases where there are technical issues that need settled.

It is neutral, flexible, and confidential, and has many advantages in that it is speedy, cost effective and final. As it is carried out privately, other than the parties involved, only I will know the specifics of the case.

There is little in common with court proceedings. I act fairly, without favouring either party.

My determination is a binding decision (unless the parties agreed otherwise at the outset) and is based on the technical aspects and merits of the case rather than the legal issues.

Please contact me to discuss your case and agree a fee.

Accident and Incident Investigation

Carrying out an investigation is the first step in understanding what has gone wrong in a particular circumstance with the ultimate aim of recognising where the existing control measures have failed and to prevent the accident or incident ever happening again.

The investigation should identify why the existing risk control measures failed, as well as what, when, where and why more improvements or additional measures are needed.

In addition to running a module on accident and incident investigation on my client representative courses, being trained as a Root Cause Specialist, my services have been regularly engaged as part of an investigation team attending onshore and offshore worksites globally. The most recent investigation was a fire-damaged diving vessel in the Middle East.


Through my international mediation practice;, I offer a tailored, bespoke approach to mediation with impartiality, independence, confidentiality and neutrality.

I believe in in helping parties resolve disputes quickly, cost-effectively and confidentially whilst providing a high level of personal service to each party.


I have had the privilege, and it is a privilege, of running over 100 industry-focused development courses to operators and contractors in the UK, Europe, the Middle and the Far East, Africa, North and South America and the Asia PAC regions.

I have also written many bespoke and custom courses for contractors and operators across the globe who want the comfort and assurance that the people who are working for them on their projects have not only the relevant industry training and knowledge, but are provided with further competence on the specific knowledge of their own policies, practice, way of thinking and how they do things.

This fortunate position has allowed me to meet and shake the hands of well over 1000 new people across the world that I would never have.

Please contact me to discuss your training or development requirements.

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