Expert Advisor

This is an under used process which can have great advantages at an early stage in appropriate cases. I find that the earlier I am engaged, the better my input and your outcome.

I will consider acting as your expert advisor in any case that I consider is suitable to my skill sets and where I feel that I can deliver a high quality of expert advice on the issues you refer to me.

Acting as your expert advisor, or as some like to put it, your ‘devil’s advocate’ as I am not reluctant to straight talking or asking tough questions. I will consider the merits of your case against best industry practice and guidance and give you a true assessment.

Due to a conflict of interest, once engaged as an expert advisor, I will take no further part in the proceedings. However, I am able to work with your expert witness in the background of the ongoing case.

The assessment is confidential, without prejudice and is not binding.